Babi Guling: Balinese Suckling Pig

How many traditional cuisines have you tasted before? Are they delicious as great as the taste of suckling pig? If you know, Balinese suckling pig can be one of the great foods in the world. Discover the delicious taste offered by this traditional cuisine as well as finding the happiness during the process of making suckling pig.

Balinese suckling pig is well known as “Babi Guling” by the local people. It is cooked by taking out its whole bowel and stuffed the inside with spice paste and vegetables such as cassava leaf, then grilled and rolled over a charcoal made from dried coconut shells until it is well-done. The taste is really delicious and is probably one of the best dishes in the world. What makes this taste is so great? The recipe of spices is one of the secrets behind the great taste of Balinese suckling pig. This recipe has been given from generations to generations as well as Balinese conserve their culture. Babi Guling is well served with rice, lawar, and sate. If you combine those cuisines, you will taste the most delicious cuisines you have never eaten before. For sure, you will never forget how they taste and you can still sense how delicious they are even after finishing you meals.

Balinese suckling pig or “Babi Guling” is originally made as a ritual in Balinese traditional ceremonies as one of the offerings. At the end of the ceremonies or when the ceremonies are over, Balinese will eat Babi Guling together. Somehow, nowadays Babi Guling is also served at the restaurants or food stalls in Bali because many customers always come and order this delicious food as their lunch or dinner.

The most well-known Babi Guling is from Gianyar regency. There are a lot of restaurants and food stalls which serve Babi Guling as the main dish. Balinese will be willing to find the best restaurant to get the most delicious of Babi Guling and dare to spend lots of money just to eat this special food.

Do you want to taste this delicious food? Call your travel agent now, set your trip to Bali and find the best hotel through your hotel finder application in your mobile phone. You will ever forget how beautiful Bali is and how great the foods they offer. This could be one of your best experiences.

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