Lawar: The Uniting Food for Balinese People

Visiting Bali without tasting the traditional food does not complete your trip. The beauty in Bali is not only about the dances, temples, sceneries, and culture. But, cuisines are also one of them. Discover how the Balinese make their traditional cuisines. See the beauty of the traditional system they have been through years to make some of delicious traditional cuisines.

Lawar is one of Balinese traditional cuisines which is well known all over Bali and around the world. This traditional food is the most famous food where you can find in almost every traditional restaurant in Bali. Most of the visitors have tried the delicious taste of this traditional food. They do agree that lawar is one of the delicious traditional cuisines they have ever tasted. Be one of them now and discover the pleasure that Balinese people have been feeling for years through eating lawar.

Lawar is mixed vegetable combined with chopped meat, spices, and coconut which tastes is really delicious. There are various Lawar based on its material such as red lawar, white lawar, Pork lawar, etc. Mostly lawar is made using coconut meat, vegetable and chopped meat. The vegetable normally used are young bean fruit and jackfruit. Lawar is usually served with rice and other dishes.

Lawar is the most Balinese favorite food for Balinese in celebrating the holy ceremonies, There are some ceremonies where the day before is the day to make this traditional food. This day is called as “Penampahan” day. During this Penampahan day, family and relatives from all places will come to their hometown and cook together. Making lawar is also about togetherness. Mostly, Balinese live away from their hometown and the only opportunity for them to gather as family is when they are celebrating holy ceremonies such as Galungan, Kuningan, Pagerwesi Day, etc. Therefore, they never miss the Penampahan day to gather with their family for cooking, tasting the delicious food they make, and overall, to share their togetherness.

Call your travel agent, set your travel plan, and visit Bali now to discover the beauty of all things in and about Bali. We will serve you as our pleasure.

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