Bajra Sandhi Monument: A Place to Remember Balinese Fallen Heroes

If you are bored with enjoying the beautiful spots along the beaches in Bali, visiting the monument can be the alternative in here. Bajra Sandhi Monument is the place where you can find the history of Bali. What a great place covered by green field, beautiful plants, and fine weather. What a good place to visit.

Bali is not only known by its beauty. But, Bali many years ago was also known as one of the islands which was full of brave patriots. Balinese patriots were well known under the Dutch and Japan colonialism era in Indonesia. They were some of the bravest heroes were their faith were not doubtable. They were willing to protect Bali until death tore them apart.

As the symbol of the bravery of the Balinese fallen heroes to struggle on the Indonesian independence, A monument was built in the heart of Denpasar City. This monument is later on named as Bajra Sandhi Monument. A Monument to respectfully remember the Balinese fallen patriots.

The words Bajra Sandhi come from the word “Bajra” which means “Genta” A Balinese bell which is always used by all Hindus priest in conducting holy ceremonies. This monument was built in 1987 and was officially opened for public by Megawati Soekarno Putri as the President of Indonesia in 2003.

Inside the monument, you may seek deeply Bali in history. It provides you with the history of Bali in the age of empire until the age of Indonesian Independence. There are so many sequenced dioramas depicting Bali in history. What a good experience if you come here and know about the history of Bali.

Outside the monument, you will be able to see the green field around covered by beautiful trees and plants. Especially in the afternoon, this place will be full of people who are doing some exercises, playing football, jogging, practicing juggling (Bartenders), and many more activities. In some occasions, this place sometimes is used as the place for holding music concert. Many people will come and enjoy the concert here. Some facilities you may find in here are as follow:
  • Parking Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Entrance Fee - Charge
  • Food Stalls
  • Drinks Stalls

After reading the description, what are you waiting for? Call your travel agent now, search on the place for you to stay in your hotel finder application in your mobile phone. We will be waiting for you to serve you as our pleasure.

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