Sakenan Temple: Discover its Beauty

For those who like to discover the uniqueness and culture, perhaps, Sakenan temple can be one of the options if you are in Badung Regency. Sakenan temple is a Hindu temple which is located in the northwest of Serangan Village, Badung Regency. It is about 10 KM south from Denpasar. You can see a coastal view with beautiful sea, hills, and Nusa Dua Beach which are located in south side. If you want to stay around here to visit this place, you can find so many luxury hotels and low budget villas through some hotel finder applications on your mobile phone.

The structure of Sakenan Temple is divided into 2 groups those are Sakenan Temple is a temple complex which is located in eastside and Dalem Sakenan Temple is a temple complex located in west side.

According to the papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa, the name of Sakenan came from the word of “Sakya” means to get the focus of mind. This papyrus elaborates that Danghyang Nirartha (A holy priest who came to Bali hundred years ago) got stuck and felt the natural beauty of calm sea with the nature of its coast. Therefore he passed by and did the yoga to worship the God to wish about the safety and prosperity. At the time of doing yoga, he directly earned his “Sakya”. Therefore he built the temple called as Sakenan temple. At the moment Sakenan Temple which was built by the Danghyang Nirartha and was well known by the name of Dalem Sakenan Temple.

The Sakenan Temple Great Holyday is held every 6 month (210 days) specifically on Saturday of Kliwon Wuku Kuningan (Balinese Calendar) and the same time with the celebration of great holiday for Balinese Hindu which is called as Hari Raya Kuningan. The celebration of temple ceremony is conducted during 3 days and the top ceremony procession is called as “Mapag Sakenan” which is held on the second day (Sunday of Umanis Langkir). The celebration of Temple Ceremony is accompanied by the Wali Dances (Sacred Dances) sucah as Barong Ket and Barong Landung Dances. The Hindu people come to this place to worship God and they come from various areas, especially from Badung Regency. Sakenan Temple in its growth now and it becomes a place of interest in Bali which you need to visit during your vacation in this tropical island.

The services provided in Sakenan temple are as follow:
  • Parking Area
  • Food Stall 
  • Public Telephone
  • Drinks Stall
Call your travel agent, set your travel plan, and visit Bali now to discover the beauty of all things in and about Bali. We will serve you as our pleasure.

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