Buyan Lake: Find The Beauty you Have Never Seen

Having a camp near a lake, seeing all beautiful sceneries around the lake, inhaling the fresh of the air, feeling the cold weather, picking strawberry nearby and many more could be one of everyone’s dream. Buyan Lake offers more than just beauty to you.

Buyan Lake is probably one of beautiful lakes in Bali. And its beauty cannot be ignored as a potential area in tourism industry. It keeps the natural beauty where everyone will be impressed by the beauty offered by this lake. Buyan Lake is located in Buleleng Regency a next door lake to Tamblingan Lake. This place is also near with other sightseeing areas such as Bedugul Botanical Garden, Beratan Lake, Wanagiri village, and many more.

In here, you can spend your time with your family while seeing the beautiful sceneries which cover this place. If you like nature so much and want to hold outside activity, Buyan Lake can also be the choice. If you are planning to hold a family camp and spend your day along with your family, Buyan Lake is our recommendation because this place also is used by local and other visitors as the place to have a camp. You may bring your own tent or rent it at tent rental nearby.

The weather here is really cold and you should bring your own coat. If you want to have coffee break to warm you for a moment, you may find some of coffee shops nearby. Nearby this area, you may find some of strawberry stalls which sell fresh strawberry. But, if you want to pick the strawberry by yourself, you may find some special strawberry gardens nearby. The facilities you may find here are as follow:
  • Parking Area
  • Food Stalls
  • Drink Stalls

Then, what are you waiting for? Call your travel agent now, set your plan, find hotel to stay at your hotel finder application in your mobile phone, and we will be waiting for you to serve you as our pleasure.

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